Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Its A Beautiful Day Indeed...

Its a beautiful day indeed this morning...with birds chirping happily...gosh its soooooo nice to hear birds voice singing happily in the morning..the weather is a bit gloomy...not as hot as other days...life feels so relax n so...how shd i say it...its just so nice!!!

Monday, 14 May 2012

Im Proud of Being Me!!...

Wanting to be beautiful is everybody's dream.  From little ladies to grown up..we want to look good, but what is the definition of good looks? Fairer skin? Dark skin? Clear skin? Being mixed i have the advantage of looking somewhere in between Turkish, Malay & Chinese...over the years, its difficult to tell people that I am a Malay lady.  During single days i used to colored my hair, they thought im chinese, when i started wearing 'tudung' they said im Arabs...well its ok..everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

One thing i realize, i dont have a good skin like other people...of course i am thankful for what i have been gifted with...but still as human...especially woman...how can we be satisfied with what we have when dear darling is outside there looking at gorgeous gal...hahahha..

Well one thing im proud of myself (im sure dear darling too)..i always look for a solutions (cheaper solutions) to repair my skin...not needles plsssss...

I found this Great Skin Workshop that charges only RM8, started going there for over a year already, n my skin was superb...and guess what????  I become their TRAINER TOO!!!!

Good looks comes with Good money too (in a good way la)

With RM8, i look great, able to travel too...life sooooo good now!!!  Come n join me to have an awesome looks n life!!..

Transformations...How bad u want it?

Everybody talks about transformations...transform urself, ur size ur way of thinking, ur biz ur family...everything around has to be transformed.  But how bad u want this transformations?  I remember, when someone came to me n asked me, "how many months r u pregnant?"..."huh?....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO im not pregnant!!!".... can u imagine, the embarrassment on my face...I AM FAT!!!!... urgghhhhh...I NEED TO TRANSFORM MYSELF...BE SLIM!!!!...But how bad i want it? It is not only after 10 years later, i truly transformed myself...shedding almost 30kgs from my fat belly n body.... and i must say i have to thanked this MAGIC SUITS that helps me to TRANSFORMED my Mama bear body to sweet little princess...hahahah...

And the best part, after couple of mths wearing it, dear darling said...TQ for taking care of urself for ME...its nice to touch ur belly now....what a relieve!!! Dont u feel the same ladies???

Well since then i have been approach by loads of ladies n man too...yea yea thats right ladies...man too..but to transform their wife not them....

If u feel like wanting to TRY OUT and TRANSFORMED ur body like this Mama Bear...feel free to drop me a note or just text me 012-284 3323.

Transformed..and feel good n beautiful bout urself!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Emotions takes all...

It is true that women who has 9 emotions cant control their emotions?  Hvg brain doesn't mean that u are smart enough to handle emotions! Is this true? I'm a woman...if u asked me, i wld say 50/50...depends on situations...

But what happen when divorce happen...can women really handle life after divorce n move on in her life???

I did...i moved on...but today i see somebody who did not...why? why live in bitterness n makes u looks older than u should...why can't u moved on n get the happiness u deserve.  Why can't u accept that what happen has been planned by Allah swt...so move on la...

Sad to see, but i just laugh at myself looking at smart woman with great brain, very successful in life, succumbed to her own mistakes n refuse to swallow the guilt n moved on...

Well, apa nk di kata...life must go on no matter what!! And this particular woman, so sad to see ur face...tp nk wat mcmn ya...its not my problem!!!...I wish u all the best in life!!


Friday, 27 April 2012

What Women Really Wants in Life?

Have u ever wonder? Im a woman myself...i sometimes wonder..what do i really want in life?? I am married to a wonderful man, having wonderful notty kids..a career i never thought i would end up to be!!! hahahaha...what do women really want??

Good looks?
Money? Lots of money??

How about this?
Having this beautiful nice body would bring up your confidence level. The way u walk, talk wld be different. The way u act wld be different, right???

How about this??
Driving your dream car will surely wld be TOTALLY different ya...especially cars that u got FREEEEEE...Hehehe (is there such things as FREE in this world)..

How about this?? Travel the world 3x a year!!! U can called it ur honeymoon..

So, gorgeous & handsome guys out there, care to tell me what Women Really Wants??


Interesting ad... Found this on my FB today...

Silicone Booty Pads As seen on TV. Our Silicone Booty Pads As seen on TV offer a realistic look and feel. Don't worry if you get a little pat on the booty when wearing these pads...the offending subject won't know that the cheap-thrill was silicone induced! Create extra curves. Be booty-full instantly. Add dimension to your denim in a very natural looking way. Just stick them to your favorite briefs, boy shorts, pants, or jeans for a curvy and sexy look. It is washable and reusable.


Let me show u an alternative...it works better...u just wear it..wear it till eternity..

Discover the secrets to a bootylicious silhouette with Corpsdereve DX Long Girdle. The 3-D cutting and strategically-positioned double and triple power net work in synergy to lift, lock and secure body fats to create fuller buttocks and slim thighs. Apart from that, the pentagon-shaped panel effectively flattens the tummy and lower abdomen for a flatter, taut appearance.

So which one would u choose? Make a wise decisions please ladies...u wanna be beautiful, do the NATURAL & SAFEST WAY...



Assalamualaikum, Good Morning to all you beautiful Women around the world. Welcome to my blog, the Feel Beautiful...It's U...yes its u ladies...I would like to share my views and perhaps we can share informations on how to be dropped dead gorgeous in our own eyes and if ur married, in front of your darling's eyes and always in his heart! How nice!!...If you have any comments, anything at all, please do not hesitate to inbox me or leave me a message on the chat box...

Have a beautiful day, gorgeous!!